How to become a pro in BGMI (9 professional Tricks)

How to become a pro in BGMI

How to become a pro in BGMI?

Everyone here has faced the problem of not performing well in their team, and nobody likes to play with us, so in this situation, we want to improve our gameplay. Still, we don’t know how we should start; this post tells you about how you can improve your gameplay in the game, you can become a pro player, and you will easily win most of your matches, and you can also improve your KD/FD. Just follow all the steps I will tell you in this post, and I will assure you that you will become an outstanding player within a week if you follow all the steps correctly.

I will talk about both the global version on the Indian version of the global version and the Indian version of the game, and there are almost no differences in the map and firearms, so whatever steps I’m going to tell here will work in both versions.

A good and understanding partner

Whether you are playing in duo or squad matches, this is one of the most important things. This is basic that you will need a good partner with a better understanding. He always follows his leader partner, who may help him when you are knockout; we all have faced some players from random that were just obsessed with themselves. They wanted to improve their gameplay but didn’t even come and land at the exact location, and if you got knocked, they wouldn’t come to revive you. So it is evident that you will need a good partner to play with you.

  Some advantages of having a good partner or a squad

  1. Your partner will share the loot with you; if he needs anything, you will give him.
  2. You can rush together on enemies or play together and win easily. If you go solo against a squad, you will die until you are too good.
  3. Your friend will not leave between in the game.
  4. If he died, he would spectate you and guide you.
  5. He will guide you on how to play the game correctly and how you can improve your skills.

Where can I find a good squad or partner to play?

If you do not have a good partner or offline friends do not play the game, I will help you find a suitable partner. Well, there are so many ways of finding a good player. You can try inviting a good player from the public chat. If you see someone good, you can invite him to play with you. You can ask him for help to give you more tips about the game or tricks to improve your gameplay. Well, if you don’t find someone from the public chat or no one is willing to play with you, then you can try finding players from online groups and channels of battlegrounds mobile India; I’m going to give you the link to the groups from where you can find the players to play with you.

Discord – Join now

Telegram – Join Now

Wear headphones or earphones while playing.

Will not come into the second most crucial step is that you must wear headphones or earphones while playing. This will help you to hear the sound from a far distance, and this will help you to listen to the vehicle sound, which you cannot hear through speakers. You can also hear the enemy’s footsteps effectively, which will help you while rushing into a building. It will give you the location of the enemy. It will also help you to find the location of campers. If you want to master your hearing skills, you can go to the training ground and train yourself and improve your hearing skills, and the more you gain experience, the better your gameplay will become.

Proper communication with your teammates

Proper communication with your teammates is required to play this game, and communication makes this game very easy and reliable to play with your squad or teammate. It takes less time to talk than writing to your teammate, and sometimes your message gets censored, and you cannot communicate with teammates. You can easily ask for what you need if you talk to your teammate, and you can quickly tell your friend about the location of the enemy; it will take more time to type, so this is one of the best advantages of communicating through my then typing, sometimes your friend got too much busy in playing that he didn’t see your messages and then talking through your mic is the only option left to you, it will easily attract your teammate attention towards you, so always have proper communication with your teammates.

Play Classic matches more than Arena Matches.

If you want to gain more experience and know more about the game, you must play classic matches, which will help you improve your game sense. Playing more classic matches, miss you play more carefully as if you playing arena matches you got respawn after you die once. If you play classic games, the situation will be slightly different. You have to play carefully to survive till the end, or if you want to win, classic matches make you gain more game knowledge. It will also increase your KD/FD; you will be promoted to the next tier if you win many battles. You can play TDM or arena matches to improve your aim, and you can later use your aiming skills in classic matches and improve your KD and FD.

You must have proper Internet connectivity.

Battlegrounds Mobile India or player unknowns battleground mobile is an online multiplayer game for which you must have proper Internet connectivity, or else you will not be able to play it smoothly. You can quickly kill or spot any enemy with better Internet connectivity. If you do not have proper Internet connectivity, your character may lag, or you may get out of the match quickly without knowing anything. Suppose you do not know how to improve your Internet connectivity. In that case, you can research about it on YouTube or Google, you can try various DNS to improve your Internet connectivity, or if you have a Wi-Fi, then you better switch on Wi-Fi and play if you get a better thing, then you won’t feel any lag or delay in your game so try to play in better connectivity this will improve your gameplay a little bit.

A perfect combination of guns

You must know about basic knowledge of the guns in the game. If you do not know much, then it isn’t imperative. Who played this game? If you don’t know which gun is used in which situation, then there is no point in playing this game. First, you must have a basic knowledge of the guns, like the weapon is used in a specific situation, as sniper rifles are used for long-range fights and assault rifles are used for mid-range fights. SMGs are used for close-range contests. No, it’s up to you to use these guns and pistols as optional weapons, as you can carry them as your third weapon. Pistols help switch between the fights, as it takes less time to change than reloading a weapon in this game, so always carry a pistol. It may help you. And if you want to know more about gun combinations or guns, go to the training ground and train yourself.

Customize your controls.

If you are still playing with default controls, you must change your rules now because it is for rookie players who are very new to the game. Still, to improve your gameplay, you must change your way of playing. Try to change controls according to yourself. You can watch videos regarding controls on YouTube. You can try switching to a four-finger or fight finger. It will give you an extra advantage as you can move faster and use All tricks like Crouch, prone, or peak. At the same time, it is slow in default controls. Still, if you change it according to yours, you will become a good player. I will give you are control code. Below this, you can copy the layout in your Battlegrounds mobile India account and upload a screenshot of my controls. You can try that. Maybe it is helpful for you you can try and share your experience in the comment.

Switch to Gyroscope

If you are a rookie and don’t know what a gyroscope means, let me help you. It is a sensor used in mobile that measures the orientation open device. The primary feature gyroscope is to calculate the motion, including vertical and horizontal rotation. It is also behind the auto rotation of your smartphone, image stabilization or stable video recording are now possible due to gyroscope sensors,

Now you might be thinking about using gyroscope sensors in the game.

I told you it is a mobile sensor that measures the device’s orientation. It provides a vast advantage for a gamer, such as extra movement in games like battlegrounds. Transportable India Clear can easily control its recoil with the help of a gyroscope. They do not need to use their hands. They can tilt their device to move, improve your aiming, and enhance your gaming experience to the next level. It would be best if you tried playing with a gyroscope. It will help you a lot and make you a better player. It would be best if you tried it.

Change your sensitivity

This is one of the most crucial things everyone misses after controls, as I have already told you about the gyroscope. You have learned so much about the gyroscope, but you must need proper sensitivity according to your device to control that gyroscope. As you all know that everyone has a different device, you may have a mid-end device, and someone has a high-end device. Some others have low-end devices, and every device has a separate display and different gyroscope sensors, so if you play in default sensitivity, you will never become a good player. It would be best if you changed the sensitivity according to your device. You must go to the training ground and practice and change your sensitivity according to your device.

Video Tutorial


That’s it for now. If you have any questions, you can ask me in the comments section, or you can contact us from the contact us page, which will surely reply very quickly. If you have any doubt regarding anything, don’t hesitate just asking to comment our team will reply to you as soon as possible; I hope these tips are helpful for you and help you to become a good player. I hope everything works fine for you, and if anything goes wrong, leave a comment, and don’t forget to share your feedback here. It will make us happier, and if you have any other tips, you can write them down in the comments section.

And that’s it for “How to Become a Pro in BGMI.

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